McTigue Headstones Special Features

Doolin Church and Crossroads

If you ever visit Doolin, Co. Clare pay a visit to the local Catholic Church just up from the village towards Lisdoonvarna. To be precise it is located at a T-Junction but no matter. Just across from the church you will see a sculpture erected for the Millenium celebrations. Designed and erected by McTigue Headstones, here is the evidence of the scale and artistic quality of what we do at our workshop.


At the opposite side of the church there is a bell hanging, which was once located on a tobacco plantation in Ecuador. McTigue Headstones designed the plaque to accompany this oddity, an example of the small and simple work we can do.


Finally, inside the church, you can see an altar, chair, font and lecturn designed, built and installed by McTigue Headstones. Crafted from limestone and put together by hand this is again a fine example to the scale of the ability at McTigue Headstones. No other headstone, gravestone or memorial provider would be capable of this.


Graveyard Sculpture



When Ennistymon opened a new graveyard just off the road to Lahinch they wanted something to greet mourners when they visited, a centrepiece for the surrounding monuments. So they came to McTigue Headstones to design and erect it.


The piece here is called "At Rest", a communal symbol for the peace all those interred in the graveyard have found.


It consists of two large pieces of limestone which when joined together create the cross effect in the middle. Carved on the left-hand side are rays of sunshine coming from a cloudy sky and on the right the comforting gaze of an angel.


The piece can be seen at the new Ennistymon Graveyard just outside Ennistymon on the Lahinch Rd. beside the GAA pitch.


Only McTigue Headstones could carry out such a project.


Pat McHugh




Pat McHugh was a well known local musician. Famous for busking on Parnell St beside O'Mahoney's bookshop in Ennis Co. Clare and singing with the Clare Celts, a rebel music band well known in Clare and beyond.


He passed a few years ago well before his time and in memory of him Michael McTigue of McTigue Headstones designed and erected a small memorial to him in Parnell St. Carpark.


The plaque is made of a large limestone block, roughly two-foot wide, ten inches high and six insches deep. The inscription 'Pat McHugh' was hand-carved by Michael himself and the more attentive of you who attended the St. Patrick's Day parade in Ennis will recoignise that it was carved during the parade with Michael moving along with the float.


The image of Pat was hand-carved with a diamond etching tool. Only McTigue Headstones are capable of giving such a lifelike impression on stone.

The portrait is hand etched on an oval piece of black granite which has been set into the limestone giving a seamless quality to the entire piece.


The plaque is set on top of the river wall with the Fergus at its back in memory of a great musician, Pat McHugh